MINES ParisTech offers vocational training in the framework of the Mineral industry & Territorial dynamics chair

  • Professionals of the mining industry,  
  • Environmental engineers,  
  • Young graduates (MSc or MEng),  
  • Technicians with professional experience,  
  • Executives and decision makers in economic and social development, executives of public administrations,  
  • Teachers, trainers …

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January 2021 to May 2021  
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 MINES ParisTech - Centre de Géosciences  

35 rue Saint-Honoré - 77300 FONTAINEBLEAU FRANCE  

  Modules titles - Langue : English
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MIRIS O1.1 Geomechanics and water management 
Objectives: to remind basics in soil and rock mechanics; underground hydraulics and to interpret pumping tests for groundwater drawdown; to understand the mechanisms of deformation and failure of slopes and study the calculation methods of slope stability; to analyze the stability of underground structures; to know the different monitoring techniques and analysis methods of measurements 
Prerequisites: basic knowledge in geology.

Duration: 15 days, until 25/01/2021 to 12/02/2021
Cost: 6 500 €

MIRIS O1.2 Technical aspects: of rock fragmentation  
Objectives: to acquire and master the theoretical and practical skills in the fundamental mechanisms of rock fragmentation by blasting and mechanical means depending on the characteristics of the rock mass.  
Prerequisites: basic knowledge of rock mechanics  

Duration: 5 days, until 15/02/2021 to 19/02/2021
Cost: 2 500 €

MIRIS O1.3 Equipment selection and fleet sizing  
Objectives: to define the most appropriate methods of exploitation according to the characteristics of the open pit or underground deposit, to choose and size a fleet of mining equipment,  
Prerequisites: Experience in mining

Duration: 10 days, until 22/02/2021 au 05/03/2021
Cost: 5 000 €

MIRIS O1.4 Design of a mining project: from exploration to mining  
Objectives : to operatively carry out the different stages of a mining project on a virtual copper deposit:  
exploration: to understand the geological structure, determining the geometry and the potential of copper mineralization by directing drilling campaigns;
  • deposit modeling: to implement geometrical modeling techniques to build a 3D geological model;  
  • resource assessment: to use basic geostatistical techniques to evaluate mineral resources;  
  • pit optimization: to determine the final project based on an economic evaluation of the mining operations; 
  • mine planning: to carry out a draft of long and medium term mine planning.  
The fundamental principles and the main techniques necessary for the various stages of the mining project design will be brought in progress. D3S SURPAC and WHITTLE software are used.  
Prerequisites: basic knowledge in geological deposit modelling and practice scanning modelling software. 
Duration: 25 days, until 08/03/2021 to 09/04/2021
Cost: 8 750 €

MIRIS O1.5 Uncertainties and risks in mining Projects  
Objectives: to acquire different techniques to assess the financial risks associated with mining projects, how to conduct a sensitivity analysis and probabilistic analysis (Monte Carlo simulation).; to implement real options in estimating risk of a mining project.  
Prerequisites: : to be comfortable with discounted cash analysis, to be able to understand the mathematical concepts involved in Monte Carlo simulations and to easily use of Excel spreadsheet
Duration: 5 days, until 12/04/2021 au 16/04/2021
Cost: 2 500 €

MIRIS O1.6 Reconciliations along the value chain  
Objectives: to understand why reconciliation are needed to measure the efficiency of planning and mining processes and to reach the operational excellence, and how to implement and interpret the mining reconciliations; to identify the necessary information required to establish the reconciliation along the mining value chain, to know and understand the methodologies as well as tools and techniques for analyzing mining balances and establish the best practices to be implemented.  
Prerequisites: general knowledge of the mining value chain

Duration: 5 days, until 19/04/2021 au 23/04/2021
Cost: 2 500 €

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