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MINES ParisTech

Since 1783, MINES ParisTech has trained top-level engineers able to solve complex problems in a wide variety of fields. First engineering school in France for its volume of contract research, MINES ParisTech offers a major research activity oriented towards the industry. His research interests range from energetics to materials, applied mathematics, geosciences and economics and social sciences. The engineering school is also developing the creation of teaching and research chairs on emerging themes.
Mines Nancy

Since its creation in 1919, Mines Nancy trains generalist and humanist engineers. Nearly 800 students per year attend their training, for which more than 250 teachers, researchers and staff are mobilized. His teachings are international, innovation and human. It develops a pedagogy through action strongly rooted in companies, and organized in an inter-cultural and transdisciplinary environment. The School offers engineering students scientific training of excellence provided by passionate teachers, who are also researchers in laboratories on the frontier of current knowledge.
IMT Mines Alès

Founded in 1843, Mines Alès has developed and adapted to developments in the industrial world and society. Founded to train executives for the mining industry, it is now a leading international multidisciplinary engineering school. She is a member of the Institut Mines-Télécom, Institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S; of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles and associate member of COMUE Languedoc-Roussillon. Nearly 200 teacher-researchers, engineers and technicians as well as doctoral students work in the three major fields of scientific expertise of the School and conduct research of high scientific level, on industrial contracts.
École Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy

Since 1908, each year, the school trains geological engineers with naturalistic observation skills and a mastery of the physics and chemistry of the Earth and water. These geological engineers are also able to use mechanics, computer science, law and economics to carry out their various missions. During their years of study, students receive many courses related to geoscience and have the opportunity to specialize among 8 options to determine the color of their future trades.

The concept of oriented research is at the origin of the creation of ARMINES, in 1967. The purpose of ARMINES is thus to make Research and Training "by and from" Research, oriented towards Industry. Today, it is more than 800 new partnerships research contracts per year, and half of the activity of 45 M € bilaterally with companies. Nearly 130 PhD students irrigate the socio-economic world each year with their new skills and know-how, and many continuing education programs contribute to the development of engineers and managers within the 48 ARMINES-Écoles common centers.
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