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Training news

News of the post master degree:

The rEx's 2020-2021 training catalogue has been published, you can download it by clicking here

Registrationfor the following courses is open :

Post-Masters degree

Minerales resources industry and society (MS MIRIS) until 2020, july 

Mining operation and environment (MS 2EM) until 2020, april

Vocational training

La fiscalité applicable à l'insdustrie minière, until February 15th, 2020
L'inspection des mines et carrières (IMC) until April 1st, 2020

REx news

The Excellence Mine and Society Network (REx) will soon evolve into a sponsorship chair made up of a team of
partners gathered around common goals. This Mineral Industry and Territories CHAIRE is an investment-backed
structure to develop an innovative theme, with a view to improving practices and methods in a sector,
and to disseminate new knowledge. acquired in this way.

In a few weeks, a new website will be created to accompany this major change


The Network of Excellence (REx) Mine and society / Future Chair Mineral Industry and Territories,
will renew the holding of this 3rd scientific and technical seminar
to a later date to be communicated to you here.

Symposiums to come

GEO-RESSOURCES at Lorraine University: Séminaires, journées scientifiques, colloques


MineXchange 2020 — SME Annual Conference & ExpoSociety for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) 
23 fév 2020 - 26 fév 2020 • Phoenix, AZ, États-Unis 
Résumé: MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of mining engineering. Featuring a wide variety of technical sessions and speakers combined with our expansive exhibit hall, MineXchange attracts thousands of mining professionals from around the world. 
 Page web: www.smeannualconference.com/ 


AIMS 2020 — 1st International Conference on Mineral Resources for Future Generations 
02 avr 2020 - 03 avr 2020 • Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne 
Organisateur: RWTH Aachen University 
Résumé: Human existence and progress rely on a sustainable supply of minerals. As global population and demand for mineral resources continue to grow, mining aims to become a high-tech industry with greater productivity, safety and returns. While we must develop and utilize mineral resources effectively and efficiently, we should also provide mineral resources responsibly. The latter requires ever smaller environmental footprints, using clean energy technologies, following innovative mine closure concepts and considering greater demands for transparency.Innovations and digital technologies could catapult mining into a new era of greater responsibility and stakeholder engagement. Sustainability is no longer an option but an imperative in mining. 
The 1st International Conference on Mineral Resources for Future Generations is to share
relevant issues surrounding the responsible use of mineral resources. 
Contact: Tél.: [00492418097976], Email.: aims@mre.rwth-aachen.de 
Sujets: Resources opportunities and constraints, Innovation and technologies, Mining and the environment,
Mining and society 
 Page web: www.aims.rwth-aachen.de 


Sustainable Minerals '20 — 6th International Symposium on Sustainable Minerals 
10 jui 2020 - 11 jui 2020 • Falmouth, Royaume-Uni 
Résumé: This, the 6th International Symposium on Sustainable Minerals (Sustainable Minerals '20), is organised by MEI in consultation with Prof Markus Reuter. The rapid growth of the world economy is straining the sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources due to modern society’s extensive use of metals, materials and products. An astute and conscious application and use of metals, materials and products supported by the reuse and recycling of these materials and end-of-life products is imperative to the preservation of the Earth’s resources. The realisation of the ambitions of sustainable use of metals, materials and resources demands that the different disciplines of the material and consumer product system are connected and harmonised. This conference will discuss all aspects of material and metal usage. 
Email.: bwills@min-eng.com 
 Page web: www.min-eng.com/sustainableminerals20/ 


Other conferences on

This year the MS 2EM welcomes 8 students from 7 nationalities: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ivory Coast, France, Guinea, Mali. They are integrated with engineering students in the ISERM department on their first career visit.
For this new session, the MS MIRIS welcomes 14 students from 7 nationalities: Chile, Ivory Coast, France, Gabon, Guinea, India, the Democratic Republic of Congo. From the beginning of the training, they are on a geology course in the south of France.
For this new session of the MS CFSG, 6 students are taking part in the geostatistics teachings. Six nationalities are represented : Chile, Ivory Coast, Mali, Peru and the United States
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